Your Guide To Lawn Maintenance

 You can maintain your large residence’s appeal and interior look. But, you have to know about certain things to take care of your home’s lawn. A lawn filled with green grass can act as your kid’s playground. But, your lawn’s grass cannot grow nicely throughout the year.
You can hire a garden maintenance service to look after your lawn. He knows that what fertilisers would be right for your lawn.

Things to be known – You must give sufficient fertiliser to your lawn in spring season, so that it can remain in a good condition especially in the hot months of every year. If you do this thing, your lawn will look green as well as it will become strong too. Your lawn will become so strong that it can fight against moss, patchiness, weeds and diseases. Even, the great fertilisers will make your lawn tougher and it can withstand anything in warmer months of each year. Flowers don’t grow in grasses and so a distinct type of fertiliser is required for your lawn’s grasses. The best way to maintain a lawn is to hire landscape designers Melbourne

Know what is right for your lawn – Organic lawn foods are necessary for your lawn’s health. Organic lawn foods are present in products that are made from natural things, like rock minerals, fish, animal manures and seaweed. Such fertilisers can feed your lawn’s grass for a couple of months. In combination fertilisers, the combo of the elements of synthetic as well as organic fertiliser is made. Heard about slow release lawn foods? These are particularly created for releasing nutrients in grass in a slow manner. Another one is liquid hose-on fertilisers. You can use it, but it will not provide soil nutrients to your lawn’s grass or trees for a long span of time. Moreover, you can use it if you will throw a party the next day in your home. 

Check – You can select any kind of fertiliser for your lawn’s health. But, while buying a pack of fertiliser, you must see the N:P:K ratio. N stands for Nitrogen, which gives leaves its green colour and helps in growing. P stands for phosphorus, which will make the trees’ roots strong. K stands for potassium. Potassium will assist a tree to fight disease and withstand drought. You ought to purchase only balanced fertilisers that can help a tree or grasses to grow in a proper way. You must buy a fertiliser whose N:P:K ratio is near about 11 for nitrogen, 8 for potassium and 4 for phosphorus. If NPK balance of a fertilizer is correct, it will be beneficial for your lawn.