D.B. Electrical Private Limited, A Complete Solution

D.B. has been working in North Brisbane and has a wide vision of serving the business community, domestic, industrial and commercial areas. The motive is to provide electronic services in all domains. We have a qualified and experienced team of engineers who are busy in giving their valuable services at any time. They are working with their experience and their skills. They are more towards encountering the core issue which is causing the damage and then they to repair and maintain the basic issue.


We are working on the slightest issues as well as on the major issues related to electronics. We provide you electrical contractors in Ashgrove for office, home, shops etc.  Following are the list of services which are providing:

  • New installation: When you move to a new house, office or a shop, you need everything from new socket boards to the camera installation. You have to have a detailed look onto the areas where you have to keep ac, the sockets boards in each room, main electricity board, installation for cameras etc.
  • New Home Wiring: Before installation, you should have a proper wiring for all the electrical equipment you have been planning to have in the house. A quality wiring in the house or anywhere is important as the life of a human being is so important and valuable so we have to choose a reliable and trained team of workers who provide 100% work quality with zero tolerance level. So, you have clarity of everything what and which, and where you need a specific thing. Our experienced team will guide you for kitchen, bedrooms, living room but for a complete range of wiring in your house and give you a better and reliable solutions.
  • Rewiring: We are not providing services of new installation and new wiring but also, we can work on the electrical rewiring. The low-quality wires get bad within a short period of time and you also have a life threat in this as you it can occur short circuit anytime due to fluctuation of electric supply or voltage. So, we provide you services for re-wiring.
  • Switch boards: Our experienced electrical engineers can upgrade all the old version of switchboards. Suppose, you have been planning to renovate the house since a year. You need to contact an electrician before you call out the paint contractor. Our team will come to you, do re-wiring if they need. And if you ask them to upgrade the switchboard they will do so. It means if you want to add or subtract the connections of fans, light, led lights, phone connections, ac connection data connection etc.

In short, we have a complete solution related to electronics. We have a multiple electrical contractors in Brisbane north who provide their expert skills in making your dream come true.