Compulsory Land Acquisition Lawyers

environment and planning lawyers

Required Acquisition

Governments and statutory entities making compulsory purchases is an unhappy reality. For the construction of new public facilities, services, and other infrastructure projects, land and interests are purchased.

We must ensure that you receive full compensation if your stake was forcibly acquired. We will assist you in recouping not only the actual value of your property but also any potential loss and any unique value the land may have for you. We will also assist you in recouping the cost of any harm to your business, your relocation, other related expenses, and what the law refers to as “solatium,” which is for any intangible and non-financial disadvantages you may experience as a result of the compulsory acquisition.

Affected landowners may receive assistance from Bick & Steele’s team of compulsory land acquisition lawyers who have experience with the compulsory acquisition procedure in their interactions with the authorities in order to obtain fair market value and appropriate recompense for their property in the event that it is taken or damaged illegally.


Our compulsory land acquisition lawyers may provide legal counsel and support in the following areas:

  • Purchases of residential, rural, and commercial land
  • Purchases of residential, rural, and commercial easements
  • Renters’ rights in real estate transactions
  • Programmes for voluntary purchases (VPS)
  • Voluntary purchases of property and easements (such as “options for easements”)

Our offerings

We provide advice to landowners and represent them in matters involving compulsory land acquisition lawyers, including the formulation of compensation claims, discussions with acquiring authorities, briefing of values and other experts, administration of proceedings for the determination of compensation claims, and appearance in Court, Tribunal, or other proceedings pertaining to such claims. Our compulsory land acquisition lawyers’ extensive experience in urban planning, real estate, and litigation supports the work we do on behalf of claimants who are subject to forcible acquisitions.

Environment and planning

Leading independent law firm Bick & Steele provides specialized legal advice by environment and planning lawyers to enterprises (large and small), individuals, community organizations, and government bodies. We advise customers on all environmental and planning law topics, such as regulatory approval (development consent) and compliance challenges, the forced purchase of land, as well as land contamination and heritage issues. We also provide Land and Environment Court services, due diligence, and representation that leads the industry.

We do not want to frustrate our clients by creating unnecessary obstacles. Our environment and planning lawyers work together with customers’ consultant teams to help them develop and execute their strategies. The vast knowledge of the entire firm in adjacent fields like real estate, finance, infrastructure, large-scale projects, and commercial law supports our environment and planning lawyers.